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Tomas Dlask

Tomáš has lived for a long time in Prague, but he lived in Brno for his many years of coffee career, where he set up a popular café in Meloun Sugar or in Olomouc, where he helped tour the Literary Café Second Home. His other workplaces included the favorite place of the Place or My Cup of Coffee by Doubleshot. Tomas is currently working at the modern Vnitroblock cafe, established recently in a reborn industrial zone of Prague

Tomáš is an active member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, a graduate of several coffee courses, led by Petra Veselá and holder of an international Barista Intermediate certificate, received by Gwilyma Davies, world champion of barristers in 2009. Tomas Co-organized Nationwide rounds of local barista championships, and he regularly participates in cup tasting competitions

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