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Sushi & Gyoza workshop

23. 1. 2023

Soukenická 23 110 00, Praha 1


2 490 Kč

Course Program

  • Misoshiru
  • home made pork Gyoza
  • Sushi:
    -uramaki sake avokado
    -Hosomaki Kappa
    -Hosomaki sake
    -Hosomaki sake avokado
    -Nigiri Sake

About Course

Course length:
3 hours

In this course, we will learn Japanese cuisine that different than just rice and raw fish. Dominik has more than 6 years experience cooking Asian cuisine, mostly Japanese. On the course we will make homemade Japanese meat Gyoza stuffed with minced pork. We will show you how to make the right misoshiru soup, how to make a basic teriyaki sauce from the scratch and of course sushi lesson. Dominik will explain the difference between different kind of sushi, such as uramaki and hosomaki, we will learn how to make nigiri and sashimi and how to properly cut fish for these types of sushi. Sushi rolling can be fun and a great experience if you learn it properly with the help of a professional, join this great course.

Instructor Dominik Matous

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