Do you like a course that is in Czech and you only speak English? Don’t worry, the procedures are designed to be easy to follow and we will take special care of you :-).

Gift Certificates

  • The voucher fee is 2490 CZK per person, all inclusive. Vouchers are valid for 6 months and they are open for any of the current courses on the website.
  • The payment has to be done in advance via wire transfer.
  • The payment instructions will be send to your email once the order is made.
  • A copy of your voucher will be attached to that email and you need to print it on your own.
  • If you want to re-schedule your registration, it can be done free of charge at least 15 days before the event takes place and only for vouchers that are still valid.
  • Any re-scheduling after the time limit will be charged (600kc per voucher).
  • Same day cancellations and no-shows will be considered as if the the voucher has been redeemed.
  • The extension of a vouchers can be done only for those that are about to expire (the limit is one week before the expiration date)
  • A voucher can be extended only for 30 more days after the expiration date and a fee of 800 CZK per voucher has to be paid.
  • The vouchers that are already expired are not extendable, neither possible to be reactivated.
  • The Purchase is nonrefundable.

If you are a holder of more than 10 vouchers and you booked the studio for a private event. The reservation and/or cancellation of this event has to be announced at least 30 days prior the event. In case that the event is cancelled less than 30 days prior the booked date, the vouchers will be considered automatically as redeemed with no option to reactivate them.
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