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Beefsteak Specialities with Vašek RECOMMENDED!

15. 3. 2017

Soukenická 23
110 00, Praha 1


1 890 Kč

Course Program

  • Beef carpaccio with basil pesto
  • South American Flank Steak with rosemary and onion chutney
  • Rib-Eye with baked potatoes and dry tomatoes in oil
  • Lemon Mascarpone



About Course

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Steak je víc než maso

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Beef steaks are one of the most popular dishes at restaurants. South American beef cuts are usually full of flavor, they are juicy and tender. In this course we will prepare mainly meat from South America from countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. These countries have a different way of raising the cattle than the way is raised in Europe. South American cattle is breeded in large open places (Pampas) where the cattle grows healthier and stronger. The result is a perfect balanced steak. Come and enjoy an amazing beef evening experience where you will learn how to prepare a delicious carpaccio, grill properly a Steak, combine the best herbs and side dish for it. Come and enjoy a fun and delicious evening. All our prime ingredients will delight your tastes.

Instructor Václav Šulc

Argentinian cuisine, Italian, Fish, Steaks Vaclav Sulc since childhood dreamed of working in gastronomy and even though both of his college-educated parents obviously wanted to him to study. In the second year of secondary school he jumped straight into the finest cuisine in Prague - Alcron, the Radisson SAS Hotel in Prague. After school he got a job chef at the time the new restaurant Divinis, which then developed into the position of Chef de Partie. Chef's profile


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