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TOP 2018 recipes by Martin Skoda / Extra Date

16. 5. 2019

Soukenická 23
110 00, Praha 1


1 990 Kč

Course Program

  • Street Food Appetizer: Freshly baked homemade baguette stuffed with juicy pork with melted cheese, cucumber and mustard dressing
  • Popular Savory: Shrimp in a slightly spicy sambalu with roasted vegetables
  • Headliner: Matured beef picanha, roasted potatoes on beef tallow with a light herb dip
  • Gluten Free Dessert: yogurt bun with orange sauce

About Course

Course length:
4 hours

Join and cook the recipes that were a great success at Martin's events throughout the past year. Four hours full of cooking, food, bonus tips and tricks, fun, drink and music. It's all for you to master this menu without a problem and cook it yourself at home and never forget this evening.

Instructor Martin Skoda

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