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New Sushi Course with Jaroslav Kratochvil

10. 10. 2018

Soukenická 23
110 00, Praha 1


1 990 Kč

Course Program

  • Salát z mořských řas s marinovaným lososem
  • Rolky hosomaki se zeleninou a rybami
  • Californská rolka
  • Rolka futomaki se zeleninou a houbami shitake

Nigiri sushi s lososem a krevetou

About Course

Course length:
3.5 hours

An excellent course from a very experienced and friendly chef, fully recommendable 
course content Raw Ingredients "Guide for Sushi Preparation"
  • How to choose the perfect Sushi Rice
  • Selection and purchase of fresh good quality fish
  • Explanation of differences in the quality of raw ingredients
Preparation of seaweed salad with marinated salmon Preparation of algae and dressing salmon marinating Preparation of sushi rice Sample preparation of rice for sushi - soaking, cooking, flavoring Preparation of raw materials for sushi The technique for slicing vegetables Slicing techniques of salmon and tuna Shrimp preparation Production of sushi of different species Hosomaki Uramaki Futomaki Nigiri Slicing and presentation Q&A session and eating time :)


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Unfortunately, the course capacity is full.