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Experience the authentic Peruvian cuisine with Martin Skoda + unlimited wine consumption

13. 6. 2024

Soukenická 23 110 00, Praha 1


2 990 Kč

Course Program

  • Causa limeña de pollo: a typical Peruvian appetizer of yellow potatoes, ají and shredded chicken
  • Leche de tigre: the salsa that gives life to ceviche, but also works as a stand-alone super fresh appetizer
  • Ceviche: marinated pieces of raw fish with citrus and red onion, a national dish of Peru, served with roasted corn and sweet potatoes
  • Lomo saltado (con papas fritas + arroz): seared beef noodles with tomatoes, onions, rice and fries

About Course

Course length:
4 hours

On this special course, together with our favorite chef Martin Škoda, you will "travel" to distant Peru, the mecca of world gastronomy. Martin has prepared a menu for you consisting of typical Peruvian dishes, which he learned while traveling around this beautiful South American country directly from local chefs. The connection between Martin Škoda and Latin America is not accidental, Martin graduated from a Spanish grammar school, has been active in the Spanish-speaking community for a long time and is deeply involved in Spanish and Latin gastronomy. In the course, you will learn to prepare the famous potato appetizer from Lima, the Peruvian "national" dish ceviche, vitamin-packed leche de tigre and the traditional preparation of beef from one pan. In addition, Martin will also give you a lot of useful knowledge that he gained while learning about Peru and Peruvian cuisine. You will learn how to prepare this exotic cuisine in Czech conditions.

Instructor Martin Skoda

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