Jidapha Wisutrattana

Jidapha grew up in a village in the Suphanburi province, studied hotel management in Bangkok, and spent over a decade working in guest services in five-star hotels before opening a street food stall with a Southern Thai specialty, Khanom Jeen Namya. She moved to Prague several years ago, and realised how hard it was to find proper Thai food anywhere from fast food to fancy restaurants. This let Jidapha to start cooking traditional Thai dishes for dinner parties, and even though she did not originally planned to return to cooking, the enthusiastic response of her dishes, eventually made her change her mind and  started the project “Chilli Lips”

Jidapha’s motto:

It is all about one simple thing: to introduce open minded people to the vast universe of Thai tastes, the real, unmitigated Thai cuisine – something that goes way beyond what they usually encounter outside Thailand.

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