Tomas Trnka

Chef Tomas carries a certain charm that you would expect from a culinary renaissance man. His passion for food seeps into every nook and cranny of his restaurant, making the atmosphere as warm as the freshly baked pies that he serves. But Tomas is not just another chef, he is a storyteller, an artist, a lover of all things traditionally Czech, but with a surprising twist – an unyielding love for pizza.

His journey with Czech cuisine started in his grandmother’s kitchen. He would pull up a stool and watch her knead dough, chop vegetables, and simmer stews for hours. As he grew older, his passion for food only intensified. But Tomas wanted to take the traditional Czech dishes that he loved so much and give them a modern twist. He trained in the best culinary schools, honed his skills under renowned chefs, all the while never losing sight of his roots.

When you take a bite of Tomas’s take on the tenderloin on cream, you would be transported back to a quaint farm in the Czech countryside. The tender, succulent meat, the delicate balance of flavors, and the velvety smoothness of the cream, all come from local produce. He knows the name of the cow that provided the milk, the field where the vegetables were picked, and the farm where the meat was sourced.

But Chef Tomas’s tale does not end with Czech cuisine. His other love, as surprising as it may seem, is pizza! A trip to Italy sparked his fascination for this deceptively simple dish. He fell in love with the thin crust, the hearty tomato sauce, and the generous sprinkling of mozzarella.

Inspired by his travels, Tomas decided to combine his love for Czech cuisine and pizza. His pies are not your ordinary pizzas. They are a fusion of two cultures, a marriage of flavours that dance on your palate. He uses local ingredients, just like his Czech dishes, but adds a dash of Italian spirit to them. Imagine, biting into a pizza where the crust is made from traditional Czech bread, the topping is a classic goulash, and the cheese is a creamy, tangy local variant.

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