Mauro Gomelsky

Mauro Luis Gomelsky, is a 34 years old argentinian chef who has been working overseas since the beginning of his career.

His first steps were in New Zealand, working with fresh seasonal and local produce and learning  how to threat and care of the ingredients.

After he studied in an Argentinian culinary school in Buenos Aires, having some experience in local steak house restaurant and a french-italian bistro.

He moved to Australia searching for new opportunities and new challenges in the kitchen. There he learned new concepts about food and how it can be served in a way to satisfy not only the desire of eating as well as the presentation of it.

He is currently living in Prague working in a personal project with three friends focused on Argentinian cuisine called MaláArgenta.

Mauro is a strong believer in the sustainability side of food, from both environmental and economic perspectives

You'll find me in courses

Course Name Term Language Capacity
Argentine Empanadas Workshop with Mauro from Mala Argenta 04. 04. 2024 17:00 English Free spaces available
BEEF STEAKS 27. 03. 2024 17:00 English Last 9