Ritu comes from Punjab in India, she has been learning the authentic Indian cooking since she was a kid. All of her recipes come from her family and heritage. She has been living in Prague for 5 years.  Ritu runs a business with her husband related to gastronomy and Indian spices. She is enthusiastic for … Pokračovat ve čtení RITU

Dominik Matous

Dominik began his Asian journey at the restaurant Samurai , where, in addition to sushi, he mainly cooked at Tepanyaki tables in front of the guests.  After joining CafeBuddha Balbínov, he worked for 3 years with the renowned chef Sofia Smith, who introduced him to the secrets of Pan-Asian cuisine with a modern twist.  Today works … Pokračovat ve čtení Dominik Matous

Mauro Gomelsky

Mauro Luis Gomelsky, is a 34 years old argentinian chef who has been working overseas since the beginning of his career. His first steps were in New Zealand, working with fresh seasonal and local produce and learning  how to threat and care of the ingredients. After he studied in an Argentinian culinary school in Buenos … Pokračovat ve čtení Mauro Gomelsky

Rudolf Dolezal

Rudolf is a very experienced chef that started his gastronomy career at the Restaurant La PERLA where he specialized in French Cuisine. He lived and worked in France at authentic cuisine restaurants.  In Prague Rudolf also has being part of restaurants such as Atelier, Café Rouge and Celeste. Currently Rudolf was also co-owner and head … Pokračovat ve čtení Rudolf Dolezal

Emmanuel Rivero

Emmanuel was born in Mexico City, and lives in Prague for already few years. He runs Cocina Rivero, and also teaches authentic Mexican cuisine. His favourite food is obviously Mexican, but is always curious about new tastes and ingredients.

Sofia Smith

Thai, Indian
Sofia started her Prague career at the British Council and Angel Cafe. Angel Restaurant, which became one of the top modern Asian restaurant. British-born and of Irish-Malaysian heritage, she is one of the few female chefs in Prague. Prior to The Sexy Curry Company, executive chef of Le Patio Restaurant.
She is very experinced and will teach you some great stuff.

Martin Skoda

We would like to introduce you to our new guest chef Martin Skoda. Martin has already released two amazing cooking books. This course will be very entertaining and full of tips and tricks on how to bring to the table perfectly seasoned Czech dishes. Martin has chosen the menu from signature recipes from his books, … Pokračovat ve čtení Martin Skoda

Radek Jakubec

After a year of internship he moved back to Prague, where he worked in restaurants as Vyšehrad 2000, Hoffmeister hotel or restaurant Metropolitan Old Town, one of which was mentioned in Michelin. Guide for 2011, 2012.
Radek is a perfect choice.

Miro Mišutka

Middle East, Vietnam, Vege
Miro Misutka was born in Slovakia, but about for many years he lives in Prague. These motivated him to move to Thailand where he worked at some hotel restaurants in Chang Mai. He learned from expert local cooks the authentic Thai tastes. The dishes he offered them were full of flavour and really authentic.
Meet Miro personally and have fun.

Martin Polačko

Italian, Mexican, Cooking with kids
Martin Polacko belongs in local gastronomy among Chef celebrities himself. Renowned chef of Slovak origin has a rich experience, not only in our country and with our closest neighbors, but also in the USA. Cooked for celebrities such a hollywood actor Edward Norton and singer Sheryl Crow. Currently, it especially consultancy services in the field of culinary arts, yet still cooks.

Václav Říha

Václav has been devoted to gastronomy since his fifteen years. In 2012, he took part in the first culinary TV show MasterChef, where he ranked in the top 10. He worked in restaurants such as La Provence, Kampapark and Zdeněk’s Oyster Bar. He spent three years running his Marina Kolín restaurant and catering company. His … Pokračovat ve čtení Václav Říha

Václav Šulc

Argentinian cuisine, Italian, Fish, Steaks
Vaclav Sulc since childhood dreamed of working in gastronomy and even though both of his college-educated parents obviously wanted to him to study.

In the second year of secondary school he jumped straight into the finest cuisine in Prague – Alcron, the Radisson SAS Hotel in Prague.

After school he got a job chef at the time the new restaurant Divinis, which then developed into the position of Chef de Partie.